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    • Clinical manifestation of experimental water intoxication in calves 

      Maribei, J.M.; Njoroge, E.M.; Mbugua, P.N. (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 1998-06)
      Two trials of induction of water intoxication at weaning and I month after weaning were carried out in 5 test and 5 control calves. The test calves did not have any access to salts and water other than that contained in ...
    • Pathological changes in calves that died from exper"mental water intoxication 

      Njoroge EM.; Maribei JM.; Mbugua PN. (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 1997)
      The pathology of calves that died from experimental water Intoxication was investigated. Oedema of the brain and urinary bladder, and renal damage were significant path?logical findings in these calves. The findings were ...