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    • Functional properties of hemoglobins in the teleost Tilapia grahami 

      Lykkeboe, G; Johansen, K; Maloiy, GMO (Springer-VerlagDepartment of Animal Physiology, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, KenyaDepartment of Zoophysiology, University of Aarhus, DK-8000, Aarhus, Denmark, 1975)
      The oxygen binding properties ofTilapia grahami hemoglobins have been investigated. The whole blood hemolysate possesses at 35°C a high oxygen affinity (P 50∼ 4.0 mmHg). The O2Hb equilibrium is moderately affected by the ...
    • Temperature insensitive O2 in blood of the tree frogChiromantis petersi 

      Johansen, Kjell; Lykkeboe, Gunnar; Kornerup, Sonja; Maloiy, GMO (Springer-VerlagDepartment of Zoophysiology, University of Aarhus, DK-8000, Aarhus C., DenmarkComparative Animal Physiology Research Unit, University of Nairobi,, 1980)
      Respiratory gas exchange and blood respiratory properties have been studied in the East-African tree frogChiromantis petersi. This frog is unusually xerophilous, occupies dry habitats and prefers body temperatures near ...