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    • The anthropocene is functionally and stratigraphically distinct from the holocene 

      Waters, Colin N.; Zalasiewicz, Jan; Summerhayes, Colin; Barnosky, Anthony D.; Clément, Poirier; Agnieszka, Gałuszka; Alejandro, Cearreta; Matt, Edgeworth; Ellis, Erle C.; Michael, Ellis; Catherine, Jeandel; Reinhold, Leinfelder; McNeill, J. R.; Richter, Daniel deB.; Will, Steffen; James, Syvitski; Davor, Vidas; Michael, Wagreich; Williams, Mark; Zhisheng, An; Jacques, Grinevald; Eric, Odada; Naomi, Oreskes; Wolfe, Alexander P. (University of Nairobi, 2016)
      BACKGROUND Humans are altering the planet, including long-term global geologic processes, at an increasing rate. Any formal recognition of an Anthropocene epoch in the geological time scale hinges on whether humans have ...