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    • Eave Screening and Push-Pull Tactics to Reduce House Entry by Vectors of Malaria 

      Menger, David J; Omusula, Philemon; Wouters, Karlijn; Oketch, Charles; Carreira, Ana S; Durka, Maxime; Derycke, Jean-Luc; Loy, Dorothy E; Hahn, Beatrice H; Mukabana, Wolfgang R; Mweresa, Collins K; Loon, Joop J. A. van; Takken, Willem; Hiscox, Alexandra (2016)
      Long-lasting insecticidal nets and indoor residual spraying have contributed to a decline in malaria over the last decade, but progress is threatened by the development of physiological and behavioral resistance of mosquitoes ...
    • Spatially variable risk factors for malaria in a geographically heterogeneous landscape, western Kenya: an explorative study 

      Homan, Tobias; Maire, Nicolas; Hiscox, Alexandra; Pasquale, Aurelio Di; Kiche, Ibrahim; Onoka, Kelvin; Mweresa, Collins; Mukabana, Wolfgang R; Ross, Amanda; Smith, Thomas A; Takken, Willem (2016)
      Background Large reductions in malaria transmission and mortality have been achieved over the last decade, and this has mainly been attributed to the scale-up of long-lasting insecticidal bed nets and indoor residual ...