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    • Half-precessional dynamics of monsoon rainfall near the East African Equator. 

      Verschuren, D; Sinninghe Damsté, JS; Moernaut, J; Kristen, I; Blaauw, M; Fagot, M; Haug, GH; van Geel, B; De Batist, M; Barker, P; Vuille, M; Conley, DJ; Olago, Daniel O.; Milne, I; Plessen, B; Eggermont, H; Wolff, C; Hurrell, E; Ossebaar, J; Lyaruu, A,; van, der Plicht J; Cumming BF, Brauer; A, Rucina; SM, Russell; JM, Keppens; Hus, J; Bradley, RS; Leng, M; Mingram, J; Nowaczyk, N (University of Nairobi,institute for climate change and adaption, 2009-12)
      External climate forcings-such as long-term changes in solar insolation-generate different climate responses in tropical and high latitude regions. Documenting the spatial and temporal variability of past climates is ...