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    • ASXL1 mutations promote myeloid transformation through loss of PRC2-mediated gene repression 

      Levine, RL; Bernstein, BE; Aifantis, I; Jaffe, JD; Nimer, SD; Melnick, A; Carroll, M; Abdel-Wahab, O; Park, CY; Taylor, JE; Zhao, X; Perna, F; Koche, R; Chung, YR; Patel, JP; Pandey, S; Shih, AH; Hricik, T; Gao, J; LaFave, LM; Adli, M (College of Biological and Physical Sciences ,Department of physics, 2012)
      Recurrent somatic ASXL1 mutations occur in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome, myeloproliferative neoplasms, and acute myeloid leukemia, and are associated with adverse outcome. Despite the genetic and clinical data ...