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    • Geographic distribution and host plant ranges of East African noctuid stem borers 

      Pierre Le Rü, Bruno; Ong’amo, George Otieno; Moyal, Pascal; Muchugu, Eric; Ngala, Leonard; Musyoka, Boaz; Abdullah, Zainab; Matama-Kauma, Teddy; Lada, Vuai Yahya; Pallangyo, Beatrice; Omwega, Charles O; Schulthess, Fritz; Calatayud, Paul-André; Silvain, Jean-François (College of Biological Sciences, University of NairobiMinistry of Agriculture, Plant protection division, P.O. Box 1062, Zanzibar, TanzaniaICIPE, PO Box 30772, Nairobi, KenyaUnité de Recherche IRD 072, CNRS, Laboratoire Evolution, Génomes et Spéciation, BP1, 91198 Gif - sur - Yvette cedex, FranceUnité de Recherche IRD 072, PO Box 30772, ICIPE, Nairobi, Kenya, 2006)
    • Integrative taxonomy of Acrapex stem borers (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae : Apameini): combining morphology and Poisson Tree Process analyses 

      Kergoat, Gael J; Cuda, James P; Overholt, William A; Molo, Richard; Chipabika, Gilson; Ong’amo, George; Pallangyo, Beatrice; Van den Berg, Johnnie; Conlong, Desmond; Toussaint, Emmanuel F A; Capdevielle-Dulac, Claire; Le Ru, Bruno P (2014)
      Ten morphologically similar species of Acrapex from eastern and south-eastern Africa belonging to the A. stygiata and A. albivena groups are reviewed. Six species are described as new: A. brunneella, A. mitiwa, A. mpika, ...