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    • Antiparasitic And Antimicrobial Constituents From Terminalia Brownii 

      Machumi, F; Zhang, J; Midiwo, JO; Jacob, MR; Khan, SI; Tekwani, BL; Walker, LA; Muhammad, I (University of Nairobi, 2013)
      Terminalia brownii is an African medicinal plant used to treat parasitic and microbial infections. A new oleanane-type triterenoid was isolated from its stem bark extract by bioassay-guided fractionation using the method ...
    • Emissions of greenhouse gases and other airborne pollutants from charcoal making in Kenya and Brazil 

      Pennise, DM; Smith, KR; Kithinji, JP; Rezende, ME; Raad, TJ; Zhang, J; Fan, C (Wiley, 2001)
      Airborne emissions from charcoal-making kilns commonly used in Kenya and Brazil were measured during typical operating conditions. Emission factors were determined for carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide ...
    • Simulation of nitrate distribution under drip irrigation using artificial neural networks 

      Li, Jiusheng; Yoder, RE; Odhiambo, LO; Zhang, J (University of NairobiCollege of Biological and Physical Sciences,University of Nairobi, 2004-04)
      Accurate knowledge of nitrate distribution in the soil under fertigation through drip-irrigation systems is fundamentally important for system design and management. The determination of nitrate distribution through modeling ...