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    • Aluminium exposure from vegetables and fresh raw vegetable juices in Kenya 

      Njenga, Lydia W; Maina, David M; Kariuki, David N; Mwangi, Francis K (Department of Chemistry, 2007)
      Drinking of fresh vegetable raw juices for both cleansing and cure therapy has become very common in Kenya. Fresh raw vegetable juices have been recommended because they can boost the required minerals and vitamins in the ...
    • Water-labile fluoride in fresh raw vegetable juices from markets in Nairobi, Kenya 

      Ndegwa, S M; Kariuki, D N; Njenga, L W (Department of Chemisty, University of Nairobi, 2005)
      Analysis of water-labile fluoride in fresh vegetable juices from markets in Kenya was conducted by direct analysis with a fluoride ion selective electrode. Among 20 different vegetable juices, the fluoride content ranged ...