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    • Functional Expression of Brain Neuronal CB2 Cannabinoid Receptors Are Involved in the Effects of Drugs of Abuse and in Depression 

      Uhl, George R; Arinami, Tadao; Teasenfitz, Lindsey; Macharia, David; Iwasaki, Shinya; Inada, Toshiya; Lujilde, Javier; Hope, Bruce; Chirwa, Sanika S; Liu, Qing-Rong; Akinshola, B Emmanuel; Brusco, Alicia; Gardner, Eileen; Tagliaferro, Patricia A; Mora, Zoila; Perchuk, Alex; Myers, Lester; Meozzi, Paul A; Patel, Sejal; Gong, Jian-Ping; Ishiguro, Hiroki; Onaivi, Emmanuel S (Department of Distance Studies, 2008)
      Major depression and addiction are mental health problems associated with stressful events in life with high relapse and recurrence even after treatment. Many laboratories were not able to detect the presence of CB2 ...