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dc.contributor.authorMunyikombo, William M
dc.contributor.authorWaweru, Frank N
dc.contributor.authorKioy, Paul G
dc.identifier.citationMunyikombo, William M ., Waweru, Frank N and Paul G (2015). Effect of fresh garlic extract on histoarchitectural studies of bone marrow stem cells in adult male rabbits. First international research and innovation conference, 28-30 August. Pp. 106- 113. Safari Park Hotel Nairobi, Kenyaen_US
dc.description.abstractGarlic is wild progenor that originated in the high planes of West - Central Asia. It has been widely used as food and medicine. Its effects have been demonstrated in both animals and humans. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of freshly prepared Aqueous Garlic Extract (FAGE) on the Histomorphology of rabbit bone marrow stem cells. Adult Male New Zealand white rabbits were used for the study. Five experimental groups were intraperitonially injected with different abso lute concentrations of freshly prepared garlic extracts. Pluripotent Stem Cells were Histologically analyzed for their rate of growth and development, shape, sizes and characteristic staining to denote normal or abnormal precursor cell functioning. These w ere done from bone marrow aspirates from selected rabbit bones. There wasn’t any statistical significant difference between the control group (2ml distilled water, placebo) and the 4 experimental groups (gp 1 = 0.5, gp 2 = 1.0, gp 3 = 2.0 and gp 4 = 4.0 ml ) of absolute fresh garlic extract concentration respectively. However, there seemed to be an increase in the hematopoietic activity of rabbits in experimental groups 3 and 4 (83.4%, p<0.05) as compared to groups 1 and 2 (30.3%, p< 0.01) and consequently t he control group, as microscopically observed from the smears. Conversely, dependent on the dosage, garlic seemed to have an influence in each experimental group, thereby eliciting sigmoid (S - shaped) dose - response curves and an exponential growth rate and development of pluripotent Stem Cells. The study showed that freshly prepared garlic extract and its active chemical compounds are a good source of blood boosting herb which can be used to stimulate the bone marrow cells into efficient hemopoiesisen_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Nairobien_US
dc.subjectGarlic, Hemopoiesis, Pluripotent, Histomorphology, Intraperitoniaen_US
dc.titleEffect of fresh garlic extract on histoarchitectural studies of bone marrow stem cells in adult male rabbitsen_US

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