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dc.contributor.authorNabwiso, Frank W B
dc.identifier.citationPh.D Thesisen
dc.description.abstractThe overall purpose of the study was to generate more information about training and retraining primary teachers in East Africa by correspondence. Four primary teacher correspondence programs were studied. (1) Grade I Teachers Upgrading Program (Uganda); (2) Licensed Teachers' Training Program (Uganda); (3) P3 Teachers' Program (Kenya); (4) UQT (Unqualified Teachers' Program) (Kenya). The first two programs were conducted by the Correspondence Unit at Makerere University, and the last two by the Correspondence Course Unit at the University of Nairobi. .. The objectives of the study were to indicate the major differences and similarities among the programs, to assess the teacher-respondents' evaluations of the programs, and to make suggestions for future primary teacher correspondence programs in East Africa. Data were collected in 1975 through documentary research, interviews, conversations, letters, and questionnaires sent to a total.Af 400 teachers (i.e. 100 teachers in each program).en
dc.titleUtilizing correspondence study in teacher in-service education in East Africaen
local.publisherUniversity Of Wisconsin,Madisonen

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