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      f Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome [1]
      Factors Affecting Clinical Outcomes of Patients With Hypertension Undergoing Treatment [1]
      Factors Affecting Compliance and Challenges in Using Topical Medications in Patients [1]
      Factors Affecting Glycemic Control Among Type Ii Diabetics Attending Machakos Level Five Outpatient Clinic [1]
      Factors affecting the Utilization of Cancer Health Care Services: a case study of breast cancer screening among women in Kenya [1]
      Factors and clinical features associated with development of hellp syndrome among patients with preeclampsia with severe features at the Kenyatta National Hospital [1]
      Factors Associated With Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Among Home and Health Facility Deliveries [1]
      Factors associated with dental caries among children/youth in Mbeere district. [1]
      Factors Associated With Prenatal Depression Among Women Attending the Antenatal Clinic at Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa County, Kenya [1]
      Factors Associated With Relapse in Patients Admitted [1]
      Factors associated with virological failure among patients on second-line ART at Kenyatta national hospital. [1]
      Factors Influencing Access to Healthcare Service Delivery in West Pokot County, Kenya [1]
      Factors influencing alcohol relapse among patients in alcohol and substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation programme (asatrep) in Kiambu county, Kenya. [1]
      Factors Influencing Choice of Implants [1]
      Factors influencing commitment and engagement of healthcare workers [1]
      Family Planning [1]
      Family planning programmes on fertility in Kenya [1]
      Fatal Paediatric Severe Acute Respiratory Conditions [1]
      Fatalities [1]
      Feeding Practice [1]