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    • Aflatoxin contamination in unrecorded beers from Kenya – A health risk beyond ethanol 

      Okaru, Alex O.; Abuga, Kennedy O.; Kibwage, Isaac O; Hausler, Thomas; Luy, Burkhard; Kuballaa, Thomas; Rehm, Jürgen; Lachenmeier, Dirk W. (University of Nairobi, 2017)
      Samples of unrecorded opaque beers (n = 58; 40 based on maize, 5 on sorghum and 13 on other plants) and recorded wines (n = 8) in Kenya were screened for aflatoxins using a rapid ELISA technique followed by confirmation ...
    • Detection of counterfeit brand spirits using 1H NMR fingerprints in comparison to sensory analysis. 

      Kuballa, T; Hausler, T; Okaru, AO; Neufeld, M; Abuga, KO; Kibwage, IO; Rehm, J; Luy, B; Walch, SG; Lachenmeier, DW (University of Nairobi, 2018)
      Beverage fraud involving counterfeiting of brand spirits is an increasing problem not only due to deception of the consumer but also because it poses health risks e.g. from possible methanol admixture. Suspicious spirit ...