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    • Antinociceptive effects of the extracts of Xylopia parviflora bark and its alkaloidal components in experimental animals. 

      Nishiyama, Y; Moriyasu, M; Ichimaru, M,; Iwasa, K; Kato, A,; Mathenge, S.G,; Chalo Mutiso, P.B; Juma, F.D (2010)
      In the present study, we attempted to elucidate the antinociceptive activity of Xylopia parviflora bark using the acetic acid-induced writhing test, hot plate test, and formalin test in mice. The MeOH extract (100 and 200 ...
    • Pyrenes and pyrendiones from Uvaria lucida. 

      Moriyasu, M,; Takeuchi, S; Ichimaru, M,; Nakatani, N,; Nishiyama, Y,; Kato, A,; Mathenge, S.G; Juma, F.D; ChaloMutiso, P.B (2012)
      A chemical investigation of the chloroform extract of the roots of Uvaria ludida Benth. (Annonaceae), an important African traditional medicine, led to the isolation of six new compounds; three pyrenes, 2-hydroxy-1,8-dim ...