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    • Mitochondrial DNA D-Loop Analysis of South Western Nigerian Chicken 

      Adebambo, A. O., G. Bjørnstad; Bulimo, W.H; Jianlin, G. Kierstein; Mazhani, L.B; Podisi, J. Hirbo; Agyemang, KC; Wollny, T. Gondwe; Zeuh, V.D; Tadelle, G. Abebe; Abdoulaye, P.S; Paco, L. Serunjogi; Abrerrahman, M.R; Sow, S. Weigend; Sanfo, R.F; Gaye, E. Ssewanyana; Coulibaly, M.D; Teme, VSF(Sudan); Hanotte, O. , Archivos de Zootecnia (University of Nairobi.College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 2009)
      Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) D-loop segment was sequenced for a total of 98 individuals of domestic chicken from South Western Nigeria. Domestic chicken populations were: Anak titan (Israeli breed,n= 1), Frizzle (n= 16), Opipi ...