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    • HPV Infection and EGFR Activation/Alteration in HIV - Infected East African Patients with Conjunctival Carcinoma 

      Yu, Jing Jie; Fu, Pingfu; John, J; Pink, Dawn Dawson; Jay, Wasman; Orem, Jackson; Mwanda, Walter O; Honglan, Zhu; Xiaobing, Liang,; Guo, Yi; Petros, William P; Mitsuyasu, Ronald T; Wabinga, Henry; Remick, Scot C (University of NairobiInstitute Of Tropical And Infectious Diseases, 2010)
      Background: There has been substantial growth in the numbers of patients with conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma infected with HIV in East Africa. The natural history of the conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma appears ...