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    • Distribution of cholinesterase activity in the population of Trinidad 

      LM, Pinto Pereira; Y, Clement; BV, Telang (Department of Medicine, University of Nairobi, 1996)
      The relation between the level or the quality of serum cholinesterase and susceptibility to succinylcholine-induced apnea is significant because the abnormality resides in a low affinity variant rather than in a quantitative ...
    • Existence of a silent gene for pseudocholinesterase in a Trinidad population 

      H, McFarlane; BV, Telang; LM, Pinto Pereira; Y, Clement (Department of Medicine, University of Nairobi, 1994)
      Although the values reported were higher than those reported for Caucasians, differences in dibucaine number for pseudocholinesterase values among the three ethnic groups in Trinidad and Tobago, were not significant. Eight ...