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    • The role of kidney transplantation as a component of integrated care for chronic kidney disease 

      Philip, J O'Connell; Mark, Brown; Tak, Mao; Rolando, Claure-Del G; Simon, J Davies; Somchai, Eiam-Ong; Mohamed, H Hassan; Kamyar, Kalantar-Zadeh; Adeera, Levin; Dominique, E Martin; Elmi, Muller; Shahrzad, Ossareh; Irma, Tchokhonelidze; Michele, Trask; Ahmed, Twahir; Were, Anthony J O; Yang, Chih-Wei; Alexander, Zemchenkov; Paul, N Harden (University of Nairobi, 2020)
      Kidney transplant provides superior outcomes to dialysis as a treatment for end-stage kidney disease. Therefore, it is essential that kidney transplantation be part of an integrated treatment and management plan for chronic ...