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    • Active management of the third stage of labour without controlled cord traction: a randomized non-inferiority controlled trial 

      Gülmezoglu, A Metin; Widmer, Mariana; Merialdi, Mario; Qureshi, Zahida; Piaggio, Gilda; Elbourne, Diana; Abdel-Aleem, Hany; Carroli, Guillermo; Hofmey, G Justus; Lumbiganon, Pisake; Derman, Richard; Okong9, Pius; Goudar, Shivaprasa; Festin, Mario; Althabe, Fernando; Armbruster, Debora (© 2009 Gülmezoglu et al; licensee BioMed Central LtdSchool of medicine, 2009-01)
      Background: The third stage of labour refers to the period between birth of the baby and complete expulsion of the placenta. Some degree of blood loss occurs after the birth of the baby due to separation of the placenta. ...