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    • Essential oil of hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poit. from Tanzania: Composition and antifungal activity 

      Malele, R.S.; Mutayabarwa, C.K.; Mwangi, J.W.; Thoithi, G.N; Lopez, A.G; Lucini, E.I; Zygadlo, J.A. (Faculty of Pharmacy, Muhimbili University College of Health SciencesC.K. Mutayabarwa Institute of Traditional Medicine, Muhimbili University College of Health SciencesFaculty of Pharmacu, University of NairobiInstituto Multidisciplinario de Biologia Vegetal, Catedra de Quimica Organica, FCEFyN - UNC- CONICET, Argentina, 2003)
      The hydrodistilled essential oil (yield 1.2%) offresh leaves of wild Huptis suaveolens (L.) Poit. was analyzed by GC/MS. Twenty-four compounds representing 90.3% of the oil were identified. The main components of the oil ...